I full-heartily believe that “Life is better on a beach.” Typically, I prefer ones in the Caribbean with white sand and crystal clear warm blue waters, but today I wanted to share information about a beach in New Jersey that I really enjoyed – Sandy Hook.

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Getting to Sandy Hook

First of all, Sandy Hook is very easy to get to from New York City without a car.  A ferry picks up at East 35th St and Wall St and takes you there for $45 round trip.  When I went, we used a Groupon so the round-trip ticket only cost $25 instead of $45.  You can also drive there, but there may be traffic and parking can be an issue.

I would recommend going early and boarding at the first stop (E 35th St.) so you can secure a seat outside on the top deck.   I do want to emphasize there are not very many seats outside.  We almost had a fight break out when my boyfriend left his seat for a few minutes to take pictures.  A lady lectured me about not saving seats.  But once everything was settled, the boat ride was pretty smooth and took about an hour.

When you arrive on the ferry, it is a short bus ride (on an old school bus) to one of the five beaches.  If you prefer, you can rent bikes right where you get off the ferry.  A few of my friends rented bikes and then met us at the beach.  We went to the closest beach, Lot D.  There is even a nude beach – Gunnison.  We will talk more about nude beaches in a later post.

View from the ferry on the way to Sandy Hook - "Day trip to Sandy Hook, New Jersey" Two Traveling Texans
View from the ferry on the way to Sandy Hook

A Day at the Beach

We took the first boat out in the morning (8:00am on weekends and holidays) and grabbed a spot by the water and close to the lifeguard stand.  The lifeguards here are serious, we saw them doing exercises like push ups and running on the beach.  They also made sure to keep some empty space around them just in case of an emergency.  So sitting by the lifeguards is good for the Baywatch-esque view and also since it will give you some breathing room if the beach gets crowded.  Additionally, you can use it as good landmark to easily find your spot.

The day we picked, the weather was perfect.  Not too hot and lots of sun.  There were umbrellas that you could rent there for $10 (chairs also), so that is a good option for those that sunburn easily.  The day was so clear we could actually see the skyline of New York City from the beach.  It was very faint so we couldn’t capture it in a picture unfortunately.

Sandy Hook Lot D Beach - "Day trip to Sandy Hook, New Jersey" Two Traveling Texans
A panaromic view of Sandy Hook Lot D Beach

In my opinion, the water is a bit cold, but that is to be expected in this area.  There still were a lot of people in the water, including some of my friends.  I was able to get in almost to waist level.  There were some waves but none that were too big.  The water seemed clean, although you could not see clearly to the bottom.  There were also people throwing footballs on the beach, but the lifeguards did not let anyone do that in the water.

Selfie! Our crew had a great time at Sandy Hook - "Day trip to Sandy Hook, New Jersey" Two Traveling Texans
Selfie! Our crew had a great time at Sandy Hook!

As far as food goes, you can pack a picnic and/or eat from the food trucks that are there.  We had the pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich from Hog Heaven and while it might not be the healthiest lunch, it was very tasty.  There were a few different options, so don’t worry about going hungry.  We also brought wine in a thermos and it surprisingly stayed cold.

The Ferry Back

It is a little bit of a mad house getting back to the ferry.  Your tickets are not for a specific time so the later boats may be more crowded.  I would recommend getting to the bus a little early (10 minutes or so) and being prepared for people to be pushy.  Don’t worry though – the ferry holds a lot more people on it then you would expect.  We could not get seats upstairs on the ferry back, so we sat inside and actually had a short nap.  The ferry stops at E 35th St first on the way home, so the trip back was even faster.

All in all we had a great day and definitely plan on a return trip.


Expert Tips:

  • There may be a Groupon or other discount for the ferry.
  • Board the boat a little bit early at E 35th st if you want to sit outside.
  • Bring cash for food trucks, umbrella, and chairs.
  • Try to grab a spot by the lifeguard stand to have extra space and an easy to locate area.
  • Get to the bus a little early for the ride back to NYC as it will get crowded.

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Day Trip to Sandy Hook, New Jersey
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  • Thanks for the info! We were in Jersey this past weekend and almost went to Sandy Hook as well! We ended up going to Point Pleasant, but I’ve filed this away (er, pinned it) for next time!

    1. Thanks so much Kacy! I’ve heard nice things about Point Pleasant as well, but haven’t been there myself yet. Hope you had a great time.

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